Benefits of Using a Home Water Purification System



Home water filtration system removes impurities from the tap water. It is placed at the entry point of water supply for filtering any water released to the house. This system contains filters that filter large sediments and small elements such as chemicals and viruses. The system uses iodine or ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses that can’t be filtered. It also has activated carbon that removes unpleasant taste and contaminants such as pesticides and industrial chemicals. The most water utilized in homes comes from the natural resources and waste water. Therefore it must be cleaned before any usage.


Advantages of Using a Home Water Purification System


It protects the plumbing system

· Home water purification system protects the plumbing system of your house. How is this possible? Hard water is known to contain minerals that have damaging effects such as limescale. Limescale causes permanent damage to water pipes. The chemical components of limescale coats pipes and gradually weakens the pipes thus causing a leak. Water heater system is at risk of damage by limescale since hot water does not eliminate calcium carbonate in the limescale. The filtration system softens water and removes minerals that form limescale hence protecting the plumbing system in general.

· Sediments that could cause pipe blockage are also eliminated in the filtration process.

· Iron that causes rust on water pipes is removed during water purification.


Health benefits of home water purification system

· Copper, fluoride and lead are heavy metals contained in water that have adverse effects on our health. Copper causes metal fume disease and blood disturbances. Exposure to lead causes high blood pressure and damages the reproductive organs. Fluoride causes osteosarcoma a type of bone cancer and stains teeth. Water purification system removes these metals and keeps your family safe.

· Chemicals highly poisonous to the human body such as; cyanides, fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers are removed during water filtration.

· Disease-causing microorganisms such as E.Coli, coliform and protozoa are eliminated during water purification. Bacteria such as Giardia lamblia that is chlorine resistant is completely removed in water purification system. It is known to cause intestinal infections that could be fatal if left unattended.


The home water purification system is recommended to all people who value health and care for the lifespan of house appliances. It is expensive to install but beneficial in the long run.

Product Review: 3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System

photo-1432136597202-9cc23b714e7eThe prevalence of environmental issues such as river pollution and acid rain have created the need for in-home water filtration systems. The basic purpose of water filters is to purify water of somewhat questionable quality so that it may be used for a specific purpose, e.g. drinking, swimming or for aquarium tanks. This is typically achieved in one of four ways:

1. The use of relatively harmless chemical cleaning agents

2. The introduction of plants, animals or micro-organisms which extract the pollutants by consuming them

3. Simply passing the water through a thin, porous wall of suitable material (crudest method)

4. A combination of two or all of the above methods

3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System (Model # AP904)

This water filtration system for the home is made of hard plastic and stainless steel. Together, they protect the unit from corrosion. The 3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System’s 10-pound body makes it relatively easy to handle and its operating temperature range of 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5 to 37.8 degrees Celsius) ensures safe and reliable water purification under most conditions.

Its maximum flow rate of 20 gallons (75.7 liters) per minute is impressive, facilitated by the use of one-inch inlet and outlet water connectors. In fact, with this flow rate the Daves Home Fix 3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System is suitable even for light commercial applications.

The unit also features a patented Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design, allowing the filter cartridge to be changed quickly and easily without the need for a wrench and with hardly a spill. The appropriate time for such a replacement is easily determined through use of an electronic countdown timer refrigerator magnet. This component continuously monitors impurity buildup in the cartridge and comes with the installation kit. The cartridge change-out process is sanitary because the cartridges (old and new) never have to touch the filter’s inner components.

The benefit of the 3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System is two-fold: not only does it purify the entire household water supply, it also helps to protect water-bearing appliances and plumbing fixtures from rust and blockages caused by solid impurity buildup. So the product also saves you money on plumbing repairs and replacements.

The 3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System makes drinking water more palatable by moderating the taste and odor of chlorine added (as a cleaning agent) to the main supply by the local water authority.

This product has a holding capacity of 100,000 gallons (378,541 liters), yielding a cartridge life of about one year under typical water quality conditions.

Water quality is enhanced through the use of a thick, solid, sturdy stainless steel housing, polished on the inside so as to protect against tiny surface kinks which can trap debris and bacteria.

The 3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System has a strong, sturdy mount consisting of a bracket which is included in the package. Unfortunately, however, mounting screws and instructions are not. This is the only real problem with this exceptional filter.

It should be noted, however, that this unit is only suitable for urban areas and others with low concentrations of sediment in their well-water. If used in another environment, the filter will quickly become overwhelmed with contaminants, leading to severe clogging and poor household water pressure.


The 3M Aqua Pure Whole Filtration System, despite a couple of minor limitations, is the perfect filtration system for lovers of pure, sparkling, tasty, refreshing water.